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Psyche Castillon

Psyche is a B2B content marketer, legal writer and editor, and law student.
A computer monitor on a desk displaying various charts and computation for payroll deduction.

How payroll deductions work in Canada

If you have employees, you need to run payroll. We’ll cover how to do that the right way.
Office desk with the letters EI displayed in the monitor.

What is Employment Insurance (EI)?

EI is one of the main required deductions from payroll that both employers and employees have to pay in Canada.
CPP form in a desk with money saved in a jar

What is the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)?

Make sure you are compliant with your payroll source deductions. Employers and employees need to pay CPP in Canada.
A framed family photo places in an office desk.

How Maternity and Paternity Leaves Work in Canada

Learn how Canada’s comprehensive parental leave system works across all provinces.

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