A man entering the door of his newly established subsidiary.

Set sail with us.
Establish your new subsidiary.

Thirdsail helps you plant your flag in new countries. We help your subsidiary in Canada get established, from incorporation to opening bank accounts.

Embark on your expansion with Thirdsail.

Company employees climbing the ladder to growth and success.

Scale your growth.

In most countries, once you have between 5 - 10 employees, it becomes more economical to incorporate and hire directly rather than hiring through an EOR or a PEO. Thirdsail will help you take the next step in your growth.
Company building

Establish your presence.

Take your company culture international and grow your brand around the world. Having a subsidiary gives you legitimacy and establishes you as a serious player in new markets and gives you a leg up with potential hires and new clients.
A man staring across the ocean.

Full access to new markets.

Go beyond expanding operations and tap into new markets. Having a local entity lets you provide products and services locally and access a whole new market of clients for your business.

You can trust Thirdsail at the helm.

Office building


We make sure you have all the legal documents you need to get started. And more than that - we store all your documents securely online so you can access them at any time.
Seamless money transfer.

Bank Accounts

Get set up automatically with a bank account owned by your business. Now you can receive payments, pay bills, and handle payroll. We also make sure you get the best FX rates available.
A yellow pin hovering over a map.

Local Addresses

Thirdsail provides you with a professional business address where you can receive mail, official documents, and registrations.
A pen and a contract

Legal Agreements

We include all the legal agreements you need, from tailored employment and contractor agreements to subscription agreements, share transfer agreements, and corporate resolutions.

We're with you in port, and on the high seas.

With our company management services, we are with you every step of the way.