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Hire employees in new countries as easily as hiring right next door.

Let us do the heavy lifting - here's how it works.

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Legal employer.

Thirdsail owns legal entities in Canada for you to hire employees though, so you don't have to set one up. We hire the employees and act as their legal employer. The employees then perform work for your company, as regular members of your team.
Employee management system

Employee management.

Thirdsail takes care of all the legal and administrative work starting with locally compliant employment agreements. After your employees are onboarded, we take care of payroll and arrange for benefits, all in their local currency and complying with all local regulations.
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Stay in control.

While we are the employee's legal employer, you are still in control of the relationship. You make decisions on the nature of the role, compensation, projects, timelines, and terminations. We're here to help and support you.

Why use an employer of record (EOR)?

There are three primary ways to work with talent internationally. Let's take a look at the differences.
Tax Compliance
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Worker Misclassification Compliance
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Employee Benefits
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Employee Retention
IP Protection
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Own an Entity
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Time to Hire
1 - 4 days
1 - 3 weeks
1 - 4 days
Best For
1 - 5 employees
5+ employees
Temporary workers

Frequently Asked Questions

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Some of the most common questions about EORs

What is an EOR?
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What does an EOR handle?
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What are the benefits of an EOR?
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How much does an EOR cost?
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What is the difference between a PEO and an EOR?
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Let us hire for you.

With our employer of record (EOR) services, hiring in Canada is smooth sailing.